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Family Activities In Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and it is the perfect place to learn all about this small, yet fascinating country. With it’s unique architecture, it’s canals and it’s amazing history (especially during the Golden Age in the 16th century), there are many ways to enjoy the highlights and curiosities of Amsterdam. But if you are here with your family, then let us turn your family trip to Amsterdam into an experience you will always remember. From the classic museums to the more off the beaten track escapes, from cultural tours to hands-on activities, these experiences will ensure you have the most wonderful time in Amsterdam with your kids!

Do you want to change these activities, combine them or turn them into a real luxurious family event? Contact us and we’ll work on something completely tailor-made for you!


NEW: The Flowers Of HollandThe Flowers Of Holland S

Dive into the colorful world of flowers through an amazing family-friendly tour, taking you from the fields and greenhouses to the gigantic flower auction warehouse of Aalsmeer.

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In The Footsteps Of Anne Frank SNEW: The Story Of Anne Frank

Learn all about the touching story of Anne Frank through a tour featuring her childhood house, the family’s hiding place (the Anne Frank House) and the Holocaust Memorial.

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A Walk Through AmsterdamA Walk Through Amsterdam houses S

Take a privately guided walk through the streets of Amsterdam and discover its most iconic buildings, as well as the curiosities that lay hidden in plain sight.

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The Canals Of AmsterdamThe canals of Amsterdam S

Enjoy a fun-filled private boat tour on the canals of Amsterdam, passing by its most iconic highlights, right after having explored the highly interactive Canal Museum.

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Discovering Van GoghDiscovering Van Gogh S

Learn all about the life and works of Post Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh through this fun-filled, educative and family-friendly visit of the Van Gogh Museum.

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The Treasures Of The RijksmuseumThe Treasures Of The Rijksmuseum - the nightwatch

Discover the treasures of the Rijksmuseum and its priceless collection of paintings from the Golden Age, including Rembrandt and Vermeer, through an engaging privately guided tour.

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Ships Of The Golden AgeShips of the Golden Age S

Travel back to 17th century Holland, when merchant and war ships ruled the oceans, through a private, family-friendly visit of the National Maritime Museum.

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Cycling In HollandCycling in Holland S

Hop on a traditional Dutch bicycle and follow your private guide along the quiet, charming banks of the Amstel River, stopping for a picnic snack along the way.

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Painting Like Van Gogh - workshop SPainting Like Van Gogh

Walk in the shoes of the post-impressionist painter and learn how to paint like Van Gogh during this hands-on painting workshop set in the heart of Amsterdam.

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Make Your own Dutch cheese SMake Your Own Dutch Cheese

Experience a real family-bonding moment while making your own Dutch cheese in the intimacy of a charming traditional farm in the Dutch countryside.

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Rembrandt Self Portrait WorkshopRembrandt Self Portrait Workshop - girl with portrait S

Dress up like a noble 17th century Dutch family and paint your self portrait just like Rembrandt during this private, fun-filled family-friendly workshop.

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Decorate Your Dutch Clogs SDecorate Your Dutch Clogs

Decorate your own traditional yellow wooden clogs during this fun-filled family-friendly hands-on workshop in Amsterdam.

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