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How To Spend Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin with Kids

9 March 2018 Activities & Destinations 0 Comments


Are you and the Lilliputians in your life planning to visit Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17)? Parents often worry that bringing their children out on an infamously boisterous holiday such as St. Paddy’s will be more of a hassle than it’s worth, but we’ve created a stress-free, kid-friendly itinerary to help you make the most out of your vacation in Dublin.


Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin With Kids - Kingfisher

Start your morning off early at Kingfisher, an inexpensive restaurant in the heart of Dublin. Kingfisher provides a kid’s menu in addition to some Irish classics that might better suit adult taste.

  • Address: 166 Parnell St| Rotunda, Dublin 1| D01 XE43, Ireland
  • Contact: +353 1 872 8732
  • Booking:
  • Closest stop: The Gresham Hotel


You’ll then want to walk over to Parnell Square, which holds the St. Patrick’s Day Parade starting at noon. The parade itself features floats, music, and entertainment from around the world; it’s sure to be a hit with the little ones! However, this Parade attracts locals and tourists alike, so it is imperative that you and your family arrive early; you’ll thank us when you have the best view possible of this two-hour extravaganza!

  • Address: Parnell Square W| Rotunda, Dublin| Ireland
  • Closest stop: The Gresham Hotel


Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin With Kids - Kilkenny

At this point, most Parade-goers will have started heading off to one of Dublin’s many pubs. We recommend that you and your family head to a more laid-back restaurant, such as Kilkenny Café and Restaurant, in order to escape the boisterous crowds.

  • Address: Trinity College Dublin| 15 Nassau St, Dublin| Ireland
  • Contact: +353 1 677 7075
  • Closest Stop: Trinity College


Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin With Kids - Museum

Make sure to pay a visit to the National Leprechaun Museum, which offers both a lighthearted tour (children must be seven or older) and a scarier, more twisted tour (children must be eighteen or older) about the folklore surrounding Leprechauns in Ireland. Tours are guided and are only offered in English. We recommend buying the Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children).

  • Address: Twilfit House| 57 Jervis St, North City| Dublin 1| D01 R2P0, Ireland
  • Contact: + 353 1 873 3899
  • Booking: Family tickets are priced at €44.
  • Closest Stop: Dublin, Lower O’Connell Street


 The St. Patrick’s Festival is advertised as “Five Great Days”, and is set to last from March 15-19. There are special events that occur on each of those days, but perhaps some of the most exciting include the daily Port Walks and the “Greening” of the city. With the Port Walks, you and your family can experience Dublin’s art scene via a free audio walking tour. The city of Dublin truly looks straight out of a fairy tale every evening after an event called Greening the City. Your family will love to discover many buildings and spaces illuminated in green!


Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin With Kids - Irish Cooking

What better way to end St. Patrick’s Day than with a traditional Irish meal prepared by the little ones? Family Twist offers a private, three-hour cooking course that will result in three courses of pure Irish deliciousness! The Irish Cooking Class is lead by a private chef in a private kitchen not too far from the city center.

Contact: 06 50 93 56 71

Booking: Book now right here!


If you plan to stay in Dublin for the rest of the weekend, there are still plenty of family-friendly activities that are sure to delight your little ones


Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin With Kids - Gaelic Sports

1. Gaelic Games: Family Twist offers an Introduction to Gaelic Sports, which provides the perfect opportunity for a sporty family to show off their Hurling and Gaelic Football skills! You will travel just outside of Dublin to a private field, where a trained coach will explain the history of these games as well as how to play. Then, you will be able to change and spend the rest of this activity competing in a fun, family-friendly environment!

  • Contact: 06 50 93 56 71
  • Booking: The Introduction to Gaelic Sports is priced at €695. Book here.


Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin With Kids - Prawn

2. Dublin Bay Prawn Festival: An integral part of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival is The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival (March 17-19), which is found in the fishing village of Howth. This event starts at noon, and each day, seafood of all kinds is sold at the Harbour Festival Food Village. The Festival also includes entertainment, live cooking demonstrations, and, of course, delicious seafood. Your kids are sure to love this lively event!

  • Address: Howth Village, County Dublin
  • Closest Stop: Howth, Thornaby Road


Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin With Kids - Walk Through Dublin

3. A Walk Through Dublin: Family Twist offers a walking tour through Dublin that allows you and the little ones to learn about Dublin’s rich history and present. Some sites in the two-hour private guided tour include Christ’s Church and Dublin Castle. We will also show your family how to navigate the iconic Temple Bar area without sacrificing your family-friendly standards.

  • Contact: 06 50 93 56 71
  • Booking: The Walking Tour is priced at €275. Book here!


Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin With Kids - Book of Kells

4. The Book of Kells & Introduction to Calligraphy: The Book of Kells is a Dublin treasure held at Trinity College. Family Twist offers a once-in-a-lifetime private calligraphy experience, where you will be introduced to the art of calligraphy by a professional calligraphy teacher, preceded by a visit to the Book of Kells. Once each member of your family has completed their name in calligraphy to their satisfaction, we will assemble your very own Book of Kells!

  • Contact: 06 50 93 56 71
  • Booking: The Create your Own Book of Kells activity is priced at €595. Book here!


Because Saint Patrick’s day is on a Saturday in 2018, Monday is given as a national holiday in Ireland. Stores may be closed, and the surplus of tourists will definitely be contributing to the congestion of the city. Be sure to check the hours of operation for each of the museums and restaurants that you plan to visit; you don’t want to save anything until the last minute!

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