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The Best Of The Paris Summer Sales With Kids 2018

15 July 2017 Tips & Tricks 0 Comments


Attention shopaholics: It’s the best time of the year: Les Soldes! The 2018 Paris Summer Sales have begun and are sticking around until the 7th of August.

If you’ve caught the retail bug, we don’t have to tell you that the fashion-crazed capital of Paris is THE place to be. But wait…it’s gotten even better! From June 27th through August 7th, your family can take advantage of the best deals in town on everything from designer products, on-trend fashion bags, local delicacies, accessories, and much, much more…ooh la la!

Boutique owners and shoppers alike wait all year for the two 6 week periods where products can (finally) be legally sold at a fraction of the original price – so there is no better time to treat your children (and yourself) to a nice new gift that may otherwise break the bank. Paris is already a fashionista’s dream, and the Paris summer sales are the perfect time for you to shop till you drop… guilt-free.

Here is the good news: Amazing discounts and unbeatable prices to be found at every store and boutique all throughout Paris and this year shoppers, you got extra lucky: while Parisian boutiques traditionally begin the sales with 20% discounts, this year your dreams have come true because many retailers commenced the sales period with mark downs starting at 30%, and prices are continuing to drop…

And now for the bad news: Because sales don’t come often in Paris – only twice a year, locals will wait until the sales period to snatch up the items they have been lusting for over the course of the year. Let’s solve the equation: locals eagerly awaiting the start of the sales + the influx of fashion-hungry tourists during peak season = high traffic volume, hectic crowds, and overly competitive fellow shoppers. Not fun. Yes, it is true that sales season does not come without consequences but rest easy because here at Family Twist we’ve got the best tips in the business on how you can make the most of your 2018 Paris Summer Sales experience.

So read on, keep calm and shop on, we’ve made the 2018 Paris Summer Sales a breeze.


Paris Summer Sale Tip #1: Be the early bird


Paris summer sales - be the early bird


You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm! In order to navigate the chaos like a pro during the Paris Summer Sales, shop strategically and choose the right time to save time. Don’t hit the boutiques at peak shopping hours, especially in touristy areas unless you are in the mood for dense crowds and a fashion-fueled frenzy. The best time to hit the sales is during the week, early in the morning or later in the evening (but try to avoid Wednesday afternoons when kids are off school). Although classic department stores like the iconic Galleries Lafayette and Bon Marché extend their weekend shopping hours during the sales period to include Sundays, unless your looking to wrestle that perfect handbag you’ve been eying from the hands of a sneaky fellow shopper, we wouldn’t recommend raiding the racks on the weekend.


Paris Summer Sale Tip #2: Do your research



If you want to shop the 2018 Paris Summer Sales like a true Parisian, anticipate the sales and maybe leave some room in your suitcase for that extra special “something” that is authentically Parisian and on a mega sale. If your kids have been non stop talking about that video game, book set, or toy that they have been wanting, now is the time to get it without feeling guilty about overspending. We also know that you won’t want to wait in long lines for dressing rooms so plan ahead BEFORE the sales. Save yourself the time and patience by doing some pre-shopping research and find which boutiques and shopping areas you are interested in, what exactly you are looking to purchase, and, for clothes, the size that suits you and the kids best. This way, you can maximize efficiency and shop like a pro.


Paris Summer Sale Tip #3: Don’t shop carelessly / Think before you buy


best of the paris summer sales with kids - shopping woman


We want your family to find the perfect gifts so that you can look back at this time in Paris fondly. This is hard to do if in the midst of the shopping whirlwind, you pick up the first designer handbag on sale that you later regret immensely – so buy the right item! You will find that most shops during the 2018 Paris summer sales will all be “final sale” meaning that you will not be able to return or exchange products after purchase. Be a conscious shopper and pick out something that you and the kids will appreciate in the long term.


Paris Summer Sale Tip #4: Save time – Dress to undress



Save yourself the regret, and don’t wear that cute lace summer dress that has 15 buttons down the back for your shopping escapade in Paris. Especially if you have a lot of clothing items to buy, follow the first rule of sales shopping and dress to undress! Wear articles of clothing that are comfortable and easy to remove and put back on so that you can breeze through your shopping experience with as little stress as possible. Make sure the kids are dressed sensibly as well otherwise your patience will for sure be tested when waiting outside of the fitting room for what seems like hours. We aren’t saying that you need to forgo your sense of style to dress for the 2018 Paris Summer Sales, but take our advice and avoid the buckles, belts, laces and layers and instead opt for a nice t shirt and pants or a simple sundress to make the most of your boutique binge in Paris.


Paris Summer Sale Tip #5: Know what you are looking for/Map it out


paris summer sales - know what you are looking for


There are many shopping areas in Paris and they each have their own vibe. Below we have a list of hot spot shopping destinations that are broken down by price range, location, and merchandise found in each retail nook. When checking out our list below, keep in mind our final tip: know where to go! If you are looking for affordable clothing you might want to avoid the luxurious Place Vendôme and consequently, if you are looking for an in-season designer item you might want to skip Forum Des Halles shopping centre and opt for the more luxurious Bon Marché. Pro tip: try selecting one shopping district to tackle at a time so that you don’t get tuckered out by traveling back and forth between several neighborhoods. Mapping out a shopping plan will not only salvage your patience but will also save precious time better spent on… shopping of course!


Grands Magasins, Madeleine & Boulevard des Capucines

Type of shopping: department stores, fashion, home, cosmetics, jewelry, food

Range: middle to luxury


Paris summer sales - Galeries Lafayette


The two most famous department stores in Paris, located in the heart of the capital are Les Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps – referred to as the Parisians as “Grands Magasins” (big stores). Les Galeries Lafayettes will warm any shoppers heart with cool marble floors, magnificent dome glass roof, and every luxury brand you could ask for (oh, and air conditioning!). Just across the street, Le Printemps while not as visually stunning as the former, offers an impressive selection of clothing, shoes and accessories boasting over 1000 brands, and complete with a panaromanic terrace, offering an unobstructed view from Opera to Madelaine and the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre.


The fun doesn’t stop there! Because Les Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps attract so many shoppers, many other famous brands have set up their boutiques in the surrounding area. You’ll find a lot of delicious food outlets on Place de la Madeleine (Hédiard, Fauchon, Maille, Patrick Roger), and the largest luxury watches wholesaler in Paris on Boulevard des Capucines (Bucherer).


Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne & George V

Type of Shopping: luxury, fashion, cars, souvenirs, food

Range: middle to luxury


Paris summer sales - champs-elysees


The Champs-Elysées avenue has been referred to as “the most beautiful avenue in the world” and we cannot disagree. Not only is the view of the Arc de Triomphe stunning, but the shopping opportunities are endless. From high end boutiques (Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Tiffany’s) to affordable souvenir shops, you’ll truly find it all here.


Looking for those high-end designer items on sale? Head out to the “Golden Triangle” on Avenue Montaigne, Avenue George V and Avenue Francois 1’ier for a more lavish shopping experience. Paris is the cornerstone for luxury goods and in these areas, you’ll be able to indulge in the prestigious luxury brands that the capital is famous for. Warning: if you are looking for that 70% discount, this is not the place to be (in our dreams!). Only small to fair discounts are offerend during the 2018 Paris Summer Sales here.


Les Halles & Rue de Rivoli

Type of Shopping: souvenir, fashion, objects

Range: low end to middle


paris summer sales - les halles


Les Halles is considered by many to be the the heart of Paris and it was once the place where the largest market stood for centuries. Today, the main building has a fresh new look that has turned the shopping mall into an architectural highlight (la Canopée). Whether your looking for street-wear, souvenirs or something more eclectic, Les Halles is the place for you. The area is a great place to shop common European brand names (think Zara, Mango, and H&M) while in the midst of small, more authentic boutiques selling a variety of fun products (old record stores, gothic clothes, customised stationary etc.)

Just around the corner from Forum Des Halles lies the famous shopping street: Rue de Rivoli.  Here you will find many acclaimed international brands, the majority of which will be marked-down to enticingly low prices for the 2018 Paris summer sales


Le Bon Marché, Saint Germain

Type of Shopping: classic French, luxury, fashion, decoration, art, department store

Range: high end to luxury


paris summer sales - bon marche


The Saint-Germain district is one of the most iconic areas of Paris and it is home to big-name luxury designer brands such as Chanel, Burberry, Gucci and Dior to name a few. Spend a few hours roaming these famous streets for an (almost) tourist-free shopping experience. Also located in Saint Germain, is the iconic Parisian department store: Le Bon Marché. It just wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without a visit to the capitals oldest department store, complete with every luxury, high-end brand for fashion and cosmetics that one could imagine. Not a fashionista? There is something for everyone in this neighborhood, especially during the 2018 Paris summer sales. With its artistic tradition, Saint Germain is home to many high end art galleries as well as delicious restaurants that are waiting to be discovered.


Le Marais

Type of Shopping: hip, trendy fashion and decor

Range: middle


paris summer sales - le marais


Ahh…le Marais: a central, beautiful, lively district of Paris thats perfect for a day of wandering into chic, independent boutiques to find the latest on-trend fashion item or vintage decor piece that you have been dreaming of. Get lost in the neighborhood’s old-world charm on a Sunday – Le Marais is one of the only areas in Paris that doesn’t completely shut down on the day of rest. During the 2018 Paris summer sales, you are guaranteed to score some great deals in this quaint district of Paris. Pro tip: While your in Le Marais, refuel with a bite to eat in Le Marais’ Jewish district on Rue des Rosiers. We recommend Pitzman for a melt-in-your-mouth falafel. It’s the real deal, we promise!


Place Vendôme, Faubourg Saint Honoré, Rue de la Paix

Type of Shopping: luxury, fashion, jewelry

Range: high end to luxury


paris summer sales - Rue de la Paix


You can’t talk about luxury shopping in Paris without mentioning Rue de la Paix and Place Vendôme: the birthplaces of everything luxury in Paris. Home to Cartier’s flagship store and boutiques of all of the world’s most famous jewelers, it’s safe to say that these lavish establishments won’t be brimming with sales during the 2018 Paris Summer Sales. Nonetheless, it’s nice to indulge in some window-shopping and admire the beautiful creations on these iconic streets. You will also find all of the Haute Couture brands around the charming Faubourg Saint Honoré. Luxury fashion boutiques (Hermès, Balenciaga, Chloé) line the streets and chances are, your odds of finding an item on sale are higher here during the 2018 Paris Summer Sales.



Beaugrenelle, Rue de Passy, Franck&Fils & Passy Plaza

Type of Shopping: fashion, food

Range: middle to high end


paris summer sales - beaugrenelle


Staying near the Eiffel Tower during the 2018 Paris Summer Sales? Your best bet for sales shopping in the area is the Beaugrenelle shopping mall. Here you will find a variety of stores ranging from middle to high end clothing brands (Zara, Esprit, Zadig & Voltaire, COS etc.), as well as fun accessories (addidas originals), electronics (bose, FNAC), furniture and more. If your looking for something more upscale, cross the Pont de Beaugrenelle bridge, and walk uphill for 10 minutes. You will soon run into Rue de Passy, a busy and trendy shopping street in the chic 16th arrondissement. This area is home to many boutiques such as Zara and Lauren Vidal as well as fun thrift shops like the Kilo shop Kawaii where hidden vintage treasures at a bargain price await to be discovered. This area is also home to two premium shopping malls: Franck & Fils and Passy Plaza for the consumer looking for a more high-end shopping experience.


La Vallée Village

Type of Shopping: fashion, food

Range: middle to high end


Paris summer sales - La vallée village


Okay so I know we said that this would be a list of the best shopping in Paris, but what kind of Parisians would we be if we didn’t at least mention La Vallée Village? Located about 45 minutes east of Paris lies shoppers paradise – an entire village dedicated to shopping. At this slice of fashion heaven, you will find outlets of all sorts of high end brands. You know what that means: deals, deals, deals! Another plus side of La Vallée Village? It’s located right next to Disneyland Paris – the kids will be dazzled by the disney themed attractions and you can look forward to a blissful post-disney shopping spree. The prices at La Vallée Village will be especially intriguing during the 2018 Paris Summer Sales but make sure you follow our tips on how to make the most of it, otherwise, it could very well turn into mark-down mania.


Luxury Shopping: Paris known for being one of the leading fashion capitals of the world. You can enjoy high fashion goods at over half the price – (like that hermes scarf you just have to have), but what about the kids? Here at family twist we are all about a luxurious vacation experience for the FAMILY – if the kids aren’t happy, how can you relax? We have the answer: treat the munchkins to something they will enjoy as well, such as a luxury clothes shop exclusively for children, a candy store or an iconic toy store. Check out our blog on the 10 best luxury shops for kids in Paris (


Want a day dedicated to shopping? Let us know and we will book you with you own private personal shopper for a day of living lavishly during the 2018 Paris Summer Sales .

P.S. if your craving a relaxing couple hours without the kids, we would be more than happy to arrange baby sitting services for your family.


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