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10 Ways To Make The Most Of The Flower Season In Holland With Kids

23 February 2018 Activities & Destinations 0 Comments


If you are looking for an exciting, family-friendly vacation to Amsterdam, there is no better time to do so than in the spring. While the Netherlands is beautiful year-round, starting mid-March, tulip season will be in full bloom! We’ve created a list of fun ways for you and your family to discover all of the flowers that Amsterdam has to offer!


1. Amsterdam Tulip Festival – a kid-friendly flower festival

10 Ways To Make The Most Of The Flower Season In Holland With Kids - Tulip festival


Amsterdam’s Tulip Festival (also known as the “Tulp” Festival) is one of the most well known (yet kid-friendly) festivals of the year. The celebration of the iconic Dutch flower starts on March 28 and will end of May 30. Spanning eighty different public and private locations, the Tulip Festival is one that every family will be able to experience during their vacation. A Guidebook can also be purchased for €2 if your family is interested in tracking down the locations of each tulip.


2. Amsterdam Tulip Museum – Tulip mania for kids


This quaint museum found in the heart of Amsterdam is perfect for tulip aficionados. Your family will be able to partake in a self-guided tour throughout each of the six rooms in the museum, where you will become experts on Tulip Mania, how the growing of tulips has evolved throughout history, and the tulip trade. The museum visit will typically last from 20-25 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to keep the little ones entertained. Best of all, the Museum Store provides the best souvenir of all: tulips bulbs for next year’s harvest!

  • Address: Prinsengracht 116, 1015 EA Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Contact: +31 20 421 0095
  • Booking: The Family Ticket is priced at €15.
  • Nearest Bus: Amsterdam, Westermarkt


3. Bloemenmarkt – Amsterdam’s kid-friendly floating flower market


Bloemenmarkt is the World’s only floating flower market, with flower vendors selling their goods on docked boats. It is both a lively and fragrant market to stroll by, and your children will be mesmerized by the gorgeous assortments of bulbs that vendors have put together. You will be able to buy flowers by the dozen, individually, or even purchase bulbs to take back home with you. This market is sure to delight everyone in the family, simply due to its location and lovely atmosphere!

  • Address: Singel 630 to 600, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Nearest Bus: Bloemendaal, De Bokkedoorns


4. Vondelpark – Take a stroll through a park of flowers


Vondelpark is the largest park in Amsterdam and is a perfect way for children to release some energy, all while surrounded by an abundance of gorgeous flowers. This park is a must-visit; your kids will love wandering around this 120-acre parkland and playground, which is full of Amsterdam natives and tourists alike. Remember to bring your picnic basket; you’ll be sure to enjoy munching on some Stroopwafels while taking in all of the beauty that Amsterdam has to offer.

  • Address: Vondelpark One, 1071AA Amsterdam
  • Nearest Bus: Amsterdam, Leidsplein


5. The Flower Strip – A road trip full of flowers

10 Ways To Make The Most Of The Flower Season In Holland With Kids - Flower Strip


The Flower Strip is a 20-mile stretch that lasts from Haarlem to Leiden. Also known as Bollenstreek or the Bulb “District” or “Region”, The Flower Strip is a landmark in the Netherlands; some families even decide to embark on a road or biking trip down the Strip in order to appreciate each new flower field and fragrance that comes along with it. The town of Bollenstreek, which is found within the Flower Strip, is also famous for housing the Flower Parade of The Netherlands (held on April 21 2018). It is impossible to truly experience the flowers of The Netherlands without visiting the Flower Strip; lucky for you, it is only an hour ride away from Amsterdam!


6. Keukenhof Gardens – The largest flower garden in the world

The most well-known and well-loved stop on the Flower Strip is Keukenhof Gardens, which is located in a town called Lisse. Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the world, and boasts a grand total seven million flowers! Families often choose to rent bikes or participate in a bike tour to traverse the Gardens, but wandering by foot is also a great way to get around. No matter what age, your children will love strolling through the vast and vibrant fields at the Keukenhof Gardens.

  • Address: 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands
  • Booking: Tickets for adults are priced at €17, but it is possible to purchase a ticket and a return ticket back to Amsterdam for €29.50.
  • Nearest Bus: Lisse, De Nachtegaal


7. Flowers of Holland – Understanding the flowers and the trade

10 Ways To Make The Most Of The Flower Season In Holland With Kids - Flowers of Holland


If you are looking for a family-friendly way to further dive into the world of flowers, Family Twist has just the activity for you. With the Flowers of Holland tour, your family will be able to discover the flower world in an intimate way, guided by a private licensed and family-friendly tour guide. Your experience will begin at the famous flower auction warehouse in Aalsmeer, followed by the visit to a local flower grower nearby. On this journey, your guide will explain everything you need to know about flowers, from the process of growing them to the business of selling them. All Family Twist guides are experienced in keeping children excited and engaged, and our Flowers of Holland activity is no exception: it is a hit with children and parents alike!

  • Contact: 06 50 93 56 71
  • Booking: €870. http://family-twist.com/the-flowers-of-holland-enquiry/


8. Flower Picking – Make your own bouquet

10 Ways To Make The Most Of The Flower Season In Holland With Kids - flower picking


There are plenty of lovely tulip and flower picking gardens in the Netherlands, but De Pluktuin in Noordwijkerhout is just a mere thirty-minute bus ride from Keukenhof. Here, your family will be able to pick tulips to your heart’s content, in addition to learning how to create the perfect bouquet. The Tulip Garden is open from April to May, but it is important to check the garden’s Facebook page for the latest updates on the picking season.

  • Address: De Pluktuin Noordwijkerhout| Leeweg 8| 2211 XZ Noordwijkerhout
  • Nearest Bus: Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands


9. Helicopter Tour – A bird’s eye view of the flowers

10 Ways To Make The Most Of The Flower Season In Holland With Kids - Helicopter


Getting a bird’s eye view of the Keukenhof Gardens in full bloom is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Helicopter tours are offered every Saturday, starting on March 31 and lasting through April 28. Purchasing tickets to this tour will give you and your family a chance to explore Keukenhof and the Flower Strip aerially for ten minutes, as well as provide your family with tickets to the Gardens, bike rentals for the rest of your day, as well as train tickets from Amsterdam to Lisse and back. This tour is booking quickly, so be sure to buy your tickets soon!

  • Address: De Pluktuin Noordwijkerhout| Leeweg 8| 2211 XZ Noordwijkerhout
  • Contact: info@ticketbar.eu
  • Booking: An adult ticket is priced at €159, and a child’s ticket is priced at €122. https://tulipfestivalamsterdam.rgi.ticketbar.eu/en/ticketbar-amsterdam/keukenhof-flower-fields-helicopter-tour-/
  • Nearest Bus: Lisse, De Nachtegaal


10. Black Tulip Museum – Exploring the flower bulbs

10 Ways To Make The Most Of The Flower Season In Holland With Kids - black tulip


This museum is a hidden treasure for tulip lovers, young and old. You’ll find the Black Tulip Museum in Lisse, just a ten-minute walk away from the Keukenhof Gardens. You can choose a self-guided tour or a guided tour specifically made for children that will allow your family to engage with the flower bulb culture of the Netherlands. This museum is both informative and interactive, and your kids will love being able to visit the Museum Garden.

  • Address: Museum De Zwarte Tulip, Heereweg 21, 2161 BG Lisse
  • Contact: +31 252 417 900
  • Booking: Entry fees range from €3.50- 7.50, and guided tours (which must be booked in advance) are priced at €1.
  • Nearest Bus: Lisse, Centrum


No matter where you visit in Amsterdam this spring season, your family is sure to fall in love with the amazing city as well as its gorgeous flowers. If you are in search of deals for the exciting events during tulip season, be sure to click here.

For other experiences in Amsterdam, designed to keep your children engaged while learning about the culture and the history of The Netherlands, visit Family Twist’s family-friendly activities in Amsterdam page.

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