FAQ | Family Twist – Bespoke Luxury Family Holidays



Is Family Twist a fully-licensed travel agency?

Of course, Family Twist is licensed by Atout France, the sole French state operator in the tourism industry. Click here to know more about our affiliations.


Can you customize your family vacation?

Of course, we give examples of family breaks on the website, but each break is unique and made only for your family, depending on your wishes and hobbies. Is your daughter a ballet dancer? Why not plan a special visit to the Paris Opera… backstage. Your youngest one is a very keen on History; we will arrange a special private Revolutionary game. Have your children always wanted to learn a bit of French? We’ve got just the perfect thing to make a French lesson highly entertaining and fun!


Can we enjoy some free time during the break?

We would strongly encourage it! After busy days of visits and workshops, the kids get tired. We usually include some free time at the end of the day, to relax in the hotel swimming pool, or write about the holiday in the travel note books… If you prefer to have a free afternoon, we can of course include it in the break and recommend shops/ cafes in the area.


Will the children learn something during a Family Twist family activity?

More than they would expect! not only will they discover wonderful landmarks and museums during family-oriented visits but at Family Twist, we believe that doing is the best way to learn. All our visits are interactive and our workshop will put your family at the center of the activity. And everything is based on the local culture: we won’t be teaching you how to make sushi in Paris! But we will definitely focus on making the traditional French baguette or reproducing one of Monet’s paintings!


The kids are of very different ages; will they all enjoy the trip?

All our visits are private, meaning that the guide has time to explain things to everybody. Besides, we have different game booklets for every age. Rest assured, we adapt all of our activities and cultural visits to the ages of your children. But we are not forgetting the adults! You will also have your fair share of fun and discovery!


Will all the activities be in English?

Yes, all our guides and entertainers are fluent in English. Nevertheless, if your children are studying French at school, we would be very happy to include some words of French during the activities! We can also arrange visits in other languages. Let us know if you have a preference.


Are the meals included in the package?

Meals are not included in our packaged family vacations. Food is an important part of a holiday, and we wouldn’t want to limit your choices by picking set menus for you. Nevertheless, we recommend restaurants around the different activities and advise on French culinary specialties in our customized guide book and road book. We can also make reservations for you.


Who can we contact if a problem arises during the trip?

For whatever reason, you can always reach us 24/7 when you are traveling on our emergency phone. In our welcome pack, we will also include emergency numbers such as English-speaking doctors and hospitals.


It will be one of the kids’ birthdays during the trip. Can you help us organize something?

Not only will we help you, but we will make this a day your child will remember! We will also prepare a surprise for the whole family!


If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.